You can’t escape because you are being watched!!!

This is the age of hurry and rush where no one is getting time for going out and shop that is why online shopping is now a new way to save your time. You can feel that there are lots of people out there who do online shopping and suggest others as well to do it because they had a really wonderful experience. But there are some people who do not believe in online shopping.

Whenever a bitter experience or any mishap happened with a customer especially in online shopping then it becomes a nightmare for them. One of the biggest issues that people face and complain about that by looking just at a picture how one can believe that product is going to be the same as it. They are also right it is valid insecurity how can someone believe on a thing that he/she has never seen.

Most important thing that if there is any problem in the product there is a delay in the service and you want to access the seller they behave very rudely and do not give enough respect to the customer. These all scenarios lead to trust issues and that is why still a huge number of people do not use online shopping portals.

It is also true that it is not a fairyland and it is not a land where mistakes and problems can’t happen and somehow when the seller could not send the package within the time then it will be a great embracement for the buyer because maybe he/she needs it before a certain time or any specific day. These all things can happen in online shopping but you can’t take them for granted because these things can take a whole business empire down.

That is why Amazon takes great care of these problems and giving the customers a right of Amazon suspension appeal because this can make them believe this web portal and can build their trust as well.

Here, if a customer does not get what he ordered or the product is defective or the behavior of the vendor or the shopkeeper wasn’t appropriate then you can file a complaint of Amazon account suspension that happened a lot in past few years.

You can say that it is like the security of the customer and a lesson to the vendor to be careful with the work and product. Such strict policies made Amazon one of the biggest online shopping portals because when you are at Amazon then you will feel like you have a guarantee and nothing bad can happen here.