The Presidio Wallet Case by Speck Review

Each year starts with surprises and then if it is the launch of a new phone or getting a new phone, the New Year starts with so much zeal. Who doesn’t want a new phone or want to get the newest technology? It always exciting to get a new phone and if you are an iPhone lover then a newer version of the phone will always interest you.

Every year the Apple launches new phones with much updated and advanced technology. After getting a new phone protecting it always become your foremost concern. You want to protect it from every harm and all the accidental drop and scratches and even dust.

The case companies are bringing their game up to protect and shield these valued phones in a better way. You can barely get over from the experience you get from Apple products for their simplicity and the high-quality manufacturing, also the features are highly commendable. And for this piece of beauty, you need high protection, to keep it away from every possible harm. And for that, a good quality case is required. Along with being good quality, you don’t want to compromise on style. You need a case which is functional and has a very nice design to suit your phone and personality.

iPhone 8 has a unique body and for that ultra-stylish body you need a case too, particularly designed for it and that has an aesthetic design. Speck presents you an iphone case specifically designed for your iPhone 8, having high functionality and a sleek design.

Two layers of protection

It has a two layers protection which prevents it from damage whenever it is dropped. Its outer shell is made of polycarbonate and IMPACTIUM that is shock absorbing. This barrier helps phone from harm in case of accidental drops. It can prevent the phone from damage up to 10 feet.


It is designed to be highly functional and has a space to keep up to 3 cards and some cash. It helps you to have your hard cash and money handy. If you don’t want to carry the wallet around this case will help you eliminate the need of a wallet. It has a cardholder which keeps them secure and protected.

Screen protection

It protects the screen from scratches and has this raised bezel screen protection to keep it scratch free when placed upside down. These raised edges are very thoughtfully added to keep your phone protected and secure when dropped.

Scratch resistant finish

This case is designed for your daily use. Its matte finish keeps it scratch free and the outer shell stays scratch free because of this matte texture.

Slim design

It has a very slim and sleek design to show the features of your phone and to make your iPhone look even more aesthetic and appealing. The sleek design is made to make your phone stand out among the rest.


It costs $45, which is very reasonable and for such pocket-friendly design along with the aesthetic design and functionality is definitely the best to choose.