Stella McCartney Glitter Lips iPhone 7 Case Review

Have you ever experienced mini heart attacks? Let me elaborate it to you; due to a clumsy encounter, you find your phone slipping your hands and as you stare upon it helplessly, it goes crashing down on to the floor and collides with the surface with a daunting sound. Yes, now you know. I am sure you have experienced it once in your life.

But, when these accidents happen is when we realize that maybe we should encase our phone in a reliable cover. But, these thoughts fade with time and you are vulnerable to another clumsy accident. But, no more of this shall be in your after. We rea here to help you obtain a cover that will protect your phone and add style to your mundane life.

Unique and Attractive:

We introduce you to the most stylish of the iPhone 7 covers; Stella McCartney Glitter Lips iPhone 7 Case. This incredulously fashioned cover was put into the market due to its unique structure designed with care. The certain shape of eth cover is what makes it so infamous and unique in its specifications. You may come across a dull cover that will protect your phone but eth style that this cover will provide cannot be compared with.


The Stella McCartney Glitter Lips iPhone 7 Case is not just about looks. The beautiful design and the incredible shaping feature offers inclusive protection over the phone. secured from all sides, the cover is fashioned to safeguard the camera and the screen from varying heights which may make it otherwise susceptible to damage. the cover is durable and reliable to use with its composition and utilization of strengthening materials.

Funky Style:

iPhone 7 is an expensive phone that no one would like to see falling from a height and experiencing potential damage. We all know the high-quality specifications it has to offer. With such descriptions in mind, you cannot possibly attribute your beautiful iPhone 7 with a boring cover present at local services and brands. What we have in store for you beats all the odds and provides a risky, funky way of experience in your life.


The funky styled phone may appear as destruction to the normalcy in life. But, it serves a purpose as simple as the basic necessities in our daily routine. The materials used in the composition of the cover are non-toxic materials which are friendly to the environment and refrain from adding toxicity in your life. Some of these materials are recycled for use in the cover in order to prevent pollution of different kinds and restoring to a healthy environment.

Easy to Use:

The stylish pink color adds to the shape of the cover. But, you need not worry about handling the phone or its potential fall while using the phone. the specifications of the cover include easy handling and portability regardless of the funky structured embraced by the Stella McCartney Glitter Lips iPhone 7 Case. The shape is so designed that the mere clumsiness will not pertain to accidents but rather offer a strong, firm grip due to its rubber structure.